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NEWS Last modified on January 11, 2017

Copenhagen Airport commences first phase of its multi-million dollar development programme

A new Pier E and doubling the size of Terminal 2's busy transit area are on the agenda for Copenhagen Airport in the first phase of a DKK20 billion expansion programme designed to raise the gateway's capacity to 40mppa.

Construction of the initial phase of the new pier is expected to cost DKK850 million while close to DKK400 million has been allocated for the transformation of the T2 transit area.

The Danish hub admits that the two new projects will mean even more cranes at the airport over the next three years as more than 1,000 construction workers and technicians set about increasing capacity for aircraft and passengers.

However, it is quick to point out that the inconvenience will be worth it as the new facilities bring "more space for good travel experiences".
"Pier E will provide capacity for more long-haul aircraft, while the expansion of the airport after the central security checkpoint will give passengers better dwelling facilities and new opportunities for experiences before they depart," says airport CEO, Thomas, Woldbye.

"Our expansion plan requires investment of DKK20 billion and is expected to create 9,000 permanent jobs across Denmark."

New transit area

"The first thing our passengers will notice is the investment of DKK390 million in creating more space for the journey through the busy area after the security checkpoint," said airport CEO, Thomas, Woldbye.

In fact the transit area is being expanded by 4,000sqm through the creation of a new building between Pier A and Pier B.

The work will be complete around summer 2018, says the gateway.

"We're making the corridors wider so there's more space for passengers making their way to their flights," notes Thomas Woldbye. 
"We'll also be adding a new play area, additional seats and more power sockets for recharging devices. 

"Seven out of 10 passengers say that good options for shopping and eating are essential for a good travel experience - and we're listening to them, which means we're also building 28 new shops and food and beverage outlets. 

"We're already well into the process of identifying the right selection so that there's something for every taste and budget."

A brand-new pier 

"The construction of a brand-new Pier E is one of the biggest construction projects of recent times," reveals Woldbye, who saw his airport handle 29 million passengers (+9.1%) in 2016.

"When the pier is complete, it will be able to accommodate 10 gates for large aircraft and 20 for smaller aircraft on the European routes - a huge project costing around DKK3 billion.

"Today, we've started work on the first phase of the project, which alone will cost DKK850 million. This phase will give us the first 22,000sqm and seven gates for aircraft."

The first phase of Pier E will be complete in 2019. But that won't be the end of things, for Copenhagen Airport's 'Expanding CPH' master plan calls for an airport capable of handling 40mppa, and for that to happen it will need further expansion including additional  phases of the new pier.

Traffic increase

Talking about 2016's healthy 9.1% rise in passenger throughput, Woldbye says: "In recent years, we've put a lot of effort into expanding the number of direct routes and we now have more than 160 across the world, which is one of the main reasons why more people are choosing to come here, while travellers from Denmark and the south of Sweden have great options to get directly to their destinations.

"We're in stiff competition with other European airports to attract airlines, and the competition won't get any easier in the coming years, but we're in a strong position, as the high growth in 2016 demonstrates."
The high growth in traffic is a result of increases in all sectors and for both tourist and business travellers. 

"Our strategy is about creating growth in both network traffic and point-to-point traffic, and we can point to growth in both segments in 2016," concludes Woldbye.

"This indicates that Denmark is capturing a good share of the global growth in flight traffic. Our ambition is to maintain our position as an attractive airport for both network and point-to-point airlines."

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