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NEWS Last modified on January 12, 2017

Bristol Airport to invest in new security technology and voice communication system

Bristol Airport in the UK has announced plans to upgrade its security equipment and voice communication system.

The gateway has chosen Safran Identity & Security, through its subsidiary Morpho Detection UK Ltd, to provide it with its CTX 9800 DSi and CTX 5800 Standard 3 Hold Baggage Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) technology.

While Systems Interface in partnership with NATS will replace the airport’s existing Voice Communication System (VCS) with an IP-based system supplied by Frequentis.
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The airport plans to create a new 12-lane security area as part of an ongoing project to expand the terminal by 9,000sqm.

According to the airport, the £24 million upgrade will allow for a "significantly enlarged security search and arrivals area that will ease congestion and deliver faster, more efficient processes".

The plan will lead to Morpho delivering five high-speed CTX 9800 machines over the next two years that will screen all In-gauge hold baggage.

In addition, one compact CTX 5800 will screen all Out-of-Gauge hold baggage as the airport aims to ensure that it complies with new UK Department for Transport mandates that become effective from September 1, 2018.

Commenting on the new hold baggage screening infrastructure and the airport’s growth, Fraser Dury, head of engineering at Bristol Airport, says: “We are committed to leveraging the most effective technologies and solutions to ensure high standards of security are maintained with minimal impact on passengers. 

"Working with Morpho Detection helps ensure continued regulatory compliance as we develop and enhance our terminal infrastructure."

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Powered by leading-edge Computed Tomography (CT) technology, Morpho Detection’s CTX family of EDS are the most widely used in the world, with more than 2,000 shipped worldwide.

Meanwhile, Systems Interface is confident that the new voice communication system will provide a clear and effective solution for the airport's current and future technical requirements.

It claims that the Frequentis 3020X VCS is fully redundant, providing flexible integration of existing analogue and digital radio infrastructure and offers a multitude of interfaces to external systems.
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Designed for IP radio and telephone connectivity the VCS 3020X is fully compliant to the ED-137B EUROCAE standard. 

Phil Heaney, technical director at Systems Interface, enthuses: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with NATS on such a prestigious contract. 

"Our long and successful relationship with Frequentis, including the delivery of many 3020X VCS systems to UK airports, ensures that NATS and Bristol Airport have the best possible technical and commercial solution available for this project.” 


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