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NEWS Last modified on January 19, 2017

YVR unveils new C$5.6 billion road map for the future

Vancouver International Airport has unveiled Flight Plan 2037, a new road map outlining its strategy to becoming a world class, sustainable hub connecting Asia and the Americas.

Flight Plan 2037 provides the gateway's overarching blueprint for the future, which includes a Capital Plan, Terminal Plan, Financial Plan and the YVR 2037 Master Plan.

Details of the C$5.6 billion plan include expanded terminals, new taxiways, a geoexchange system and upgraded roads and bridges to Sea Island which will help YVR support the estimated 35 million passengers expected to travel through Vancouver International Airport (YVR) annually by 2037.
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According to the airport, the blueprint for the future was developed in consultation with YVR's stakeholders and during ongoing discussions with its airline partners, who formally voted on the plan as part of the overall approval process. 

It is based on marrying forecast growth with facility capacity. 

As Canada's second busiest airport, YVR welcomed a record 22.3 million passengers in 2016, generated $5.3 billion in total Gross Domestic Product and drove $11.7 billion to the Canadian economy.

"This plan is built to provide for the long-term capacity needs at YVR, while meeting and enhancing our sustainability goals and ensuring we build in an incremental fashion," says Craig Richmond, president and CEO of Vancouver Airport Authority.

"Our future is being shaped by the ongoing dialogue with thousands of British Columbians and our airline partners, who participated in our Phase 1 and 2 Master Plan consultations. I am also inviting you to participate in Phase 3 of the YVR 2037 Master Plan and continue to help build our airport of the future."
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Coinciding with the announcement, YVR yesterday launched Phase 3 of the YVR 2037 Master Plan, a community and stakeholder consultation process that guides YVR's land use decision-making and facility development for the next 20 years.

During Phase 2 of the YVR 2037 Master Plan consultation, it reveals that public input was received on ground access, environment, community amenities, terminal, airside and land use.

Indeed, it claims to have spoken with 700 people, received 16,000 visits to its website and held 22 stakeholder meetings, four public meetings and five regional open houses across Metro Vancouver.

Full details of the feedback are available at YVR2037.ca.

The community is invited to participate in our next phase of consultation, which will lead to the final plan's public release in 2018, once approved by the Minister of Transport.

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