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NEWS Last modified on January 23, 2017

Philadelphia's Wi-Fi speeds among the fastest at a US airport

Philadelphia's gateway to the world offers some of the fastest airport Wi-Fi connection speeds in the US, according to a study released today.

Philadelphia Intrernational Airport (PHL) ranks second among the country’s top 20 busiest airports in providing this essential service to its passengers, according to Speedtest by Ookla.

The findings, which are based on analysis of public Wi-Fi speeds during the last three months of 2016, discovered that PHL’s Wi-Fi download speed was second only to Denver International Airport.

Wi-Fi service at the airpoirt is provided by AT&T.

“We know how important reliable, fast Wi-Fi is to our customers and we have worked to deliver a robust service,” notes airport CEO Chellie Cameron.

“We are pleased that our Wi-Fi scored high in this study and we will continue to ensure that we provide the service our customers expect.”

PHL has offered free Wi-Fi throughout the terminals since 2008. Customers can log onto the network by choosing attwifi from their Wi-Fi connection choices.

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