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NEWS Last modified on January 25, 2017

One fifth of Brits has accidentally taken a restricted item onboard a flight – new report

New research by an online travel agency in the UK claims that as many as one fifth of Britons has accidentally taken items onboard a plane that were classed as 'restricted/prohibited'. 

It also reveals that these passengers passed through security without getting 'caught' for their faux pas and only realised this later on in their journey.

According to the study, liquids over 100ml, aerosols and drugs were listed as items accidentally 'smuggled' on board in the cabin.

The study was carried out by an online travel agency as part of ongoing research into the travel experiences of Britons.

The research – carried out by www.sunshine.co.uk – states that 48% of passengers get stopped at airport security for having something in their hand luggage or on their persons that they aren't allowed to take on a plane.

The most popular items inadvertently 'smuggled' through airport security are said to be:

• Containers of liquid measuring more than 100ml (27%)
• Aerosols (23%)
• Large knife/Penknife (11%)
• Multiple cigarette lighters in bag, not on person (9%)
• Illegal drugs (6%)

Other items stated by respondents included party poppers, toy guns and large scissors.
Three respondents had taken a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on board a flight, only to later realise they weren't allowed to have it on there.

While 91% of the people who said they'd accidentally taken illegal drugs on board a plane said it was a 'small amount for personal use' they'd forgotten they had with them.

And according to the online travel agency, one fifth of those taking part, 21%, admitted to unwittingly taking a restricted item onboard.

It doesn't come as any surprise to learn that 52% of the 2,177 people quizzed in the survey said that going through airport security made them feel 'nervous', even when they had nothing to be worried about.

Indeed, when asked why, 66% of these people said they feared 'false accusations' and 17% said the staff were 'intimidating'.
Gat security
Chris Clarkson, managing director of the UK travel agency, says: "If you're in a rush with your packing, it can be easy to forget that you have something in your bag that you aren't allowed to take through onto a flight, such as bottles of drink or toiletries and such like.

"I was surprised to see just how many people had unintentionally taken something onto a plane that they shouldn't have; security areas are very busy at airports though and even though it's perhaps only the odd thing that gets missed, it's still worrying."


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