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NEWS Last modified on January 25, 2017

New York's airport system enjoys record breaking year

Traffic levels again reached record heights at the New York/New Jersey metropolitan airports in 2016, with 128.6 million passengers passing through the big three gateways of JFK, LaGuardia and Newark-Liberty.

JFK welcomed 58.8 million total passengers – with records for its 31.6 million international and 27.2 million domestic passengers.

Newark Liberty set new standards with 40 million total passengers – 27.7 million domestic and 12.3 million international passengers.

And LaGuardia established new records with 29.8 million total passengers – 28.1 million of them flying domestically, even as the airport undergoes a comprehensive redevelopment.

The New York airport system operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) also includes Stewart and Atlantic City international airports, which with their figures included, meant that over 130 million (+4.7%) passengers used its gateways in 2016.

PANYNJ executive director, Pat Foye, notes that the strong and consistent growth in air passengers illustrates the importance of the agency’s proposed $32.2 billion 2017-2026 capital plan recently introduced by the Port Authority Board of Commissioners for public review and comment, prior to a board vote at its February 16 meeting.
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The proposed plan dedicates $11.6 billion, or 36% of the total plan, to airport modernisation and improvements, including funding for new terminals, infrastructure and critical state-of-good-repair work. 

The proposed port authority investment will also catalyse billions of dollars of private sector investment at the airports by airlines, cargo companies, and other private sector participants.

“Our airports are invaluable regional assets that serve as linchpins of our regional economy, supporting nearly 600,000 jobs and generating about $85 billion in annual sales – numbers that grow every year along with passenger totals,” notes Foye.

The Port Authority’s airport modernization program involves a series of major redevelopment projects:

The Newark Liberty International Airport’s $2.3 billion Terminal A Redevelopment Program, expected to deliver a new 33-gate passenger terminal, 3,000-space parking garage and related infrastructure improvements.
The LaGuardia Airport Redevelopment Program, including an innovative public-private partnership with LaGuardia Gateway Partners for a new Terminal B with a total design-build fixed cost of $4 billion – the largest public-private partnership in the country.

Replacement of Terminals C and D at LaGuardia Airport, financed primarily by Delta Air Lines at an estimated cost of $4 billion overall, with a PANYNJ capped contribution of $600 million primarily towards related infrastructure improvements.

The proposed capital plan includes a combined $2.5 billion towards a new LGA AirTrain and JFK Redevelopment

A new LGA AirTrain would provide a rail transit link to LaGuardia, which remains the only major airport without a rail transit link.  

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