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NEWS Last modified on January 26, 2017

Pop-up store at Dubai International Airport celebrates Chinese New Year

Le Clos has opened a fun, Chinese-inspired pop-up stand at Dubai International Airport to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Created to welcome the Year of the Rooster, the eye-catching structure is a stand-out feature in Terminal 3's Concourse B, with a grand pagoda standing an impressive 4.5 metres tall.

It is adorned with iconic yellow tiles, like those which cover the buildings in China’s Forbidden City, and complemented with traditional red accents.
La Chine
Visitors to the stand can enjoy savings of up to 35% on a carefully selected range of wine, champagne and spirits that are perfect for celebrating and gifting, including 20% off a selection of wines from some of Bordeaux’s most famed estates, amongst other offers.

Le Clos shoppers will also be treated to traditional Chinese Pao envelopes, packed with special gifts and offers.   

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