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NEWS Last modified on January 30, 2017

AIRMALL USA appoints Zandi as its new president and CEO

Ben Zandi is the new president and chief executive officer of AIRMALL USA and will oversee the North American operations of parent company, Fraport, effective immediately.

“We are honoured to have an accomplished business leader and innovator focused on our growth in North America and expanding our US footprint,” says Charles Weinland, chairman of the Board of Directors of Airmall.

“Ben brings a depth of experience, tremendous energy and insight to our strategic vision.

"Our focus is on enhancing the customer and passenger ‘breakthrough’ experience at all of our airports. We and our airport partners are in excellent hands with Ben Zandi at the helm.”

Zandi has more than 30 years of experience in hospitality, business management and retail and restaurant development and operations with a record of increasing shareholder value and exceeding revenue and profitability goals.

“Fraport is a major international player with an impressive wealth of knowledge, talent and resources,” he comments.

 “I am passionately committed to positioning the Airmall brand for the 21st Century as best in class by creating breakthrough services, products and experiences to serve the shifting customer base. It’s an exciting time.”

He joins Airmall following his role as executive vice president of operations of PGHC Inc, a privately owned restaurant company based in Dedham, Mass, with annual revenue of $250 million.

AIRMALL USA is the developer and manager of the retail, food and beverage operations at Pittsburgh International Airport, Boston Logan International Airport (terminals B and E), Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in the United States.

A leading airport concessions model in North America, Airmall boasts among the highest per-passenger spending and receives accolades for innovation and customer service. 

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