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NEWS Last modified on February 2, 2017

Nearly $3 million a day to be spent on construction projects at LAX in February

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it will still be quite busy at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), where a multi-billion-dollar modernisation effort rolls on with nearly $3 million spent each day on nearly two dozen major construction projects.

According to operator, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), the improvements will result in a modern airport that significantly enhances the overall guest experience for today’s traveller.

However, while the work is being carried out this month, it advises passengers using LAX to plan ahead to navigate sidewalk and vehicle lane closures and in-terminal work.

Construction alerts showing Central Terminal Area (CTA) roadway lane restrictions and sidewalk closures, as well as a pedestrian walking map and helpful airline terminal finder, can be found at www.laxishappening.com.
LAX is also on Waze, the community-based traffic reporting app, to provide real-time traffic status in and around the CTA. 

American and Delta swapping gates

As the first step in Delta Air Lines’ move to Terminals 2 and 3 later this year, Delta and American have swapped four gates in Terminal 5 and 6. 

American Airlines passengers who check in online for their flights and are assigned to Gates 50A, 50B, 52 (American Eagle bus gate), 53A or 53B, should arrive at Terminal 5. 

Delta passengers who check in online for their flights and are assigned to Gates 60 through 63, 68A, 68B or 69B, should arrive at Terminal 6. Both airlines have installed additional ticketing counters to serve their passengers. 

Terminals 5 and 6 are connected by a tunnel past the Security Screening Check Points (see map at http://www.laxishappening.com/assets/pdf/LAX-CTA-South-Tunnel-Map.pdf), so passengers who are in the wrong terminal will be able to reach their flights without having to exit security.

Terminal construction/renovation projects

Phase 2 of Southwest Airlines’ $509-million Terminal 1 Renovation Project continues in the eastern part of the terminal, including the former check-in lobby, with barricades in place.

Remodelling is almost completed in the ticketing lobby as Los Angeles World Airports wraps up its $332-million Terminal 2 Modernization Project. An electrical upgrade and tile work are, however, still in progress and Gate 27 is closed until early March.
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Elsewhere, new concessions are being installed in two locations in Terminal 3 and in Terminal 4, American Airlines’ Admirals Club is being renovated, with expected completion this summer.

Refurbishment in other areas of T4, including the ticketing lobby, the foodcourt, baggage claim and the boarding gate seating areas will continue through March and a new Automated Screening Lane (ASL) is scheduled to be installed at the TSA Security Screening Check Point in the first quarter of 2017 to reduce wait times.

In Terminals 7/8, United Airlines is continuing its $573-million Terminal 7/8 Renovation Project scheduled for completion in early 2018.


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