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NEWS Last modified on February 3, 2017

Port of Seattle boss quits despite Sea-Tac becoming one of top 10 busiest US airports

The Port of Seattle Commissioners accepted the resignation of CEO Ted Fick during a public session held on Thursday.

The extraordinary meeting was called for this specific action.

“We accept the resignation of Ted Fick, and acknowledge his desire to return to the private sector,” says Commission president Tom Albro.

“We are currently working through the details of his departure and will defer further comment until those details are resolved.”

Chief operating officer, Dave Soike, will serve as interim CEO of the Port of Seattle, which manages Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and the sea port.

He has over 35 years of experience at many levels and lines of business at the Port of Seattle. A public process for a replacement will begin later this year.
Fick's departure is a surprise as Sea-Tac is enjoying the most successful period in its history, only last week announcing that it handled 45.7 million passengers (+8%) in 2016 to almost certainly claim a top 10 spot for the busiest airports in the US.

Its sixth successive year of record-breaking passenger growth is expected to see it overtake Houston–Intercontinental, Phoenix Sky Harbor, Miami and Charlotte Douglas to claim the number nine spot, based on data from the Official Airline Guide and airport websites.

Sea-Tac Airport has an average of 125,000 passengers per day, which would make it Washington’s fifth largest city or double the capacity of Seattle’s pro football stadium. 

“Sea-Tac is working with the region to be a world-class airport for the community,” notes Albro.

“Some benefits of growth are easy to see, such as more domestic and international direct flights, more airlines and capital improvement projects to better serve customers. 

"We are also increasing our investments in workforce development and enironmental programmes to ensure that a busier airport means broader community opportunities.”


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