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NEWS Last modified on February 9, 2017

Self-boarding biometric technology on trial at Amsterdam Schiphol

Amsterdam Schiphol is trialling a new a ‘biometric self-boarding’ system for passengers in conjunction with Dutch national flag carrier, KLM.

The new technology allows passengers who volunteer to take part in the trial to board their flights without having to show their boarding pass and passport to airline staff at the departure gate.

According to Schiphol, its use of facial recognition technology should allow passengers to board their flights faster and more efficiently.
Both Schiphol and KLM say that they will use the three-month trial to test and assess the speed, reliability and user-friendliness of the system, which has been supplied by Vision-Box.

"The ultimate goal is to make the boarding process as easy and quick as possible for passengers," says Schiphol.
"The trial will take place at a selected gate at the airport. To use facial recognition for boarding, passengers must register first. There is a special registration kiosk in the waiting area at the gate. KLM staff will assist with the procedure."

Miguel Leitmann, CEO at Vision-Box, says: “We are proud to announce this real premiere in the aviation industry at Amsterdam Schiphol.

"Our commitment is to present a completely modernised passenger experience, based on a shared vision of the digital airport.
"The redesigned Schiphol Airport journey will offer the best-in-class human-machine experience, a memorable passenger-centric walkthrough from curb to cabin and a seamless gateway into the future.”

Schiphol and its partners are continually implementing innovations and smart ways to improve travel convenience, airport processes and the time these take.

The trial is inline with its stated ambition of becoming a ‘Leading Digital Airport’.

Schiphol security
The introduction of the very first security scan for passengers, crew and staff and the new security lane in 2015 are some of the results of the collaboration with KLM and the government over the past few years.

A trial is also currently taking place with a hand baggage scanner that allows passengers to leave laptops and liquids in their bags. Innovative technologies will be tested regularly in the coming period and subsequently rolled out if trials prove successful.

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