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NEWS Last modified on February 13, 2017

Traffic on the rise at Brussels South, Frankfurt, Glasgow and Oslo airports

Brussels South Charleroi, Frankfurt, Glasgow and Oslo airports have all announced impressive starts to 2017 in the last few days, with January traffic rising by an average of 6.9% across the four gateways.

Brussels Charleroi today revealed that it handled 497,267 passengers in January 2017, an upturn of 7% on the corresponding month a year ago.

Some 4.2 million passengers passed through Frankfurt Airport during the month, a rise of 1.8% on January 2016, as the German gateway recorded a new monthly record for January.

Glasgow recorded an 8.4% rise in traffic as 597,594 passengers used the Scottish airport last month.

While Oslo Airport saw year-on-year monthly growth of 10.9% as it welcomed in excess of three million passengers in January.

Indeed, Oslo accounted for 85% of the 3.6 million passengers (+6.2%) to use Norway's airports last month.
Amanda Glasgow

Talking about the rise in traffic at her gateway, Glasgow Airport's managing director, Amanda McMillan, said: “Last year was our busiest on record, so it’s pleasing to see this momentum has continued into 2017 with our best-ever January passenger numbers.

“January is traditionally a quieter period, but we have experienced a marked increase in demand for international travel, particularly to some of the European city and winter sun destinations.

“Our focus for 2017 will remain on strengthening Scotland's connectivity, however, this year will not be without its challenges and we can’t take our continued growth for granted.

“High levels of Air Passenger Duty put our airports at a severe disadvantage when it comes to attracting new routes and services.

"The Scottish Government’s proposed 50% reduction presents a real opportunity to address this and ensure Scotland’s airports remain competitive in the global market.”

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