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NEWS Last modified on February 14, 2017

SFO planning to repave its second longest runway before the busy summer months

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) today announced plans to repave Runway 28L, one of two runways used primarily for arriving flights.

The project will also install new long-lasting LED centerline lights and ground markings. 

Along with this project, construction of Taxiway F2 and enhancements to Taxiway S will improve operational efficiency of Runway 28L.

“This project will ensure our runways continue to safely serve air traffic at SFO, while providing improved efficiency and longevity,” says airport director Ivar Satero. 

"Working collaboratively with airlines and the FAA, we have scheduled this project to minimize the impact on our airport guests.”

Runway repaving is necessary every 8-12 years, based on flight activity. Runway 28L was last repaved in 2008. 
SFO landing
The project will include the following:

• Fresh new asphalt pavement surface for the second-longest runway at SFO, equivalent to paving four lanes of an interstate highway for a distance of over 10 miles;

• Upgraded runway centreline lights featuring long-lasting, energy-saving light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures;

• A new secondary taxiway near the end of Runway 28L to improve operational efficiency; and

• Enhancements to an existing taxiway to improve the departure capacity of the airport

While much of the work will occur during overnight hours, a series of nine weekend closures of Runway 28L between March 31 and June 12 will be required to complete the work.

All dates are weather-dependent and subject to change. 

"This project will require runway and taxiway closures which will affect normal operations," says SFO.

"Some delays may occur during weekend closures. The airport has worked with airlines and the FAA to develop a schedule that will minimise delays by maximising construction productivity with closure periods that are least impactful to operations."


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