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NEWS Last modified on February 17, 2017

Ecuador's capital city gateway to host Routes Americas in 2018

Corporación Quiport, operator of Quito's Mariscal Sucre International Airport, will host Routes Americas 2018, the annual regional event dedicated to airline route development across the continent.

Quito was proposed jointly by Quito Turismo, on behalf of the city, and by Corporación Quiport as responsible for the overall administration of the Quito Mariscal Sucre Airport.

Both entities, with the support of the Secretariat for Productive Development and Competitiveness, are already preparing for the edition of Routes Americas 2018 in Quito to ensure it is a memorable experience for all participants.


Andrew O’Brian, president and CEO of Quiport, says: “Organising Routes Americas in Quito will be an invaluable opportunity to show the potential of this city as a top destination on a regional scale and the advantages offered by its airport to the airline industry. 

"For Quiport, participating in Routes Americas has been a very important tool for our route development strategy.  Quito and Ecuador offer a new world yet to be discovered.”

Quiport is a big supporter of the event having attended every Routes Amercias since 2009 – four years before Ecuador's capital city opened its current gateway to the world.

It has successfully added eight new international destinations from Quito and five international airlines since the airport opened in February 2013.


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