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NEWS Last modified on February 27, 2017

LAX breaks ground on new $1.6 billion midfield satellite concourse

Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, was the guest of honour at Los Angeles International Airport today in a groundbreaking ceremony for the gateway's new Midfield Satellite Concourse (MSC).

According to operator Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), the $1.6-billion state-of-the-art, five-level facility will provide the nation’s second busiest airport with 12 new gates and a greatly enhanced guest experience.

It notes that the facility will also give LAX additional flexibility to accommodate aircraft while other terminal upgrades are underway.

 “LAX means so much to LA’s economy — it’s an incredible job-creator, employing more than 50,000 people,” said Mayor Garcetti. 

“A record 47.3 million tourists visited our city last year — that's why we’re investing billions to make it one of the premier airports in the world.

“The Midfield Satellite Concourse is a transformational project that will put thousands of people to work and help extend LA’s worldwide reach even further."
Designed as an extension of the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT), the new 750,000-square-foot concourse will be located west of TBIT and connected by a 1,000-foot-long underground pedestrian tunnel with moving walkways. 

Buses will also be used to transport passengers between the concourse and other terminals. 

In addition, the facility will feature an early-bag storage and baggage make-up system to serve the added gates. 

A companion Baggage Optimization Project will also include additional baggage services to serve existing TBIT gates.

Other project features include a new TBIT Gateway connecting point, taxi-lanes/taxiways, apron and utilities. 

Two of the new gates will accommodate the larger A380 and B747-8 jets, with the remaining 10 gates accommodating B777s and B787s, and the A330s and A350s.

The new gates are also expected to reduce the airport’s current reliance on remote gates on the west side of the airfield, which lack passenger services, concessions and other amenities.
LAX planes
The entire Midfield Satellite Concourse and Baggage Optimization construction programme encompasses a total of 1,052,000 square feet and is expected to become operational in late 2019.  

The new baggage system, when completed, will accommodate the immediate and future need for processing outbound bags, and will be the largest integrated baggage carrier system in the US.

“Our passengers will soon experience LAX in a new and exciting way,” said Los Angeles World Airports CEO, Deborah Flint. 

“With our vision of delivering gold-standard airports, the Midfield Satellite Concourse will be built with sustainability principles and architectural features that reflect Los Angeles with great views and natural daylight. 

“We will provide our guests a new concourse ready for the technology enhancements of tomorrow.”                                                

Concourse construction is expected to involve up to 6,000 trade workers, with direct wages surpassing $300 million, and at least 15% of the work will be performed by Small Business Enterprises.
LAX take off
The MSC is being constructed by Turner/PCL Joint Venture and designed by their partners, Corgan in association with Gensler and gkkworks. 

The joint venture will also build additional infrastructure for the Baggage Optimization Project, while Tom Bradley International Terminal Equipment Company (TBITEC) has hired Vanderlande to design, build and install the baggage system, including belts, conveyors and carousels. 

Included among the 250 sub-contractors involved in the design and construction of the MSC, more than half are based in Los Angeles County.

The overall architectural design of the Midfield Satellite Concourse will allow for great views and natural daylight in public spaces, says LAWA.

Complementing the architecture of TBIT, the new concourse will feature a roof emulating an ocean wave prior to breaking on the shore. 

The interior will include 44,000 square feet of “LA-centric” food-and-beverage and retail offerings, along with 60,000 square feet of airline club space between the concourse and TBIT Gateway.
LAX runway
According to LAWA, the new building design allows for current and future technology enhancements, making it one of the “smartest” concourses in the world for passengers.  

Flight information displays will include scanners that allow passengers to receive personalised maps on their boarding passes.  

Beacon technology will work with a new LAX app on smartphones, so passengers can easily find where they are going, concessions and other concourse features.

The beacon technology will provide key information on how passengers use the airport so experiences can be improved, says LAWA.

The concourse will be built with future technology enhancements in mind, including automated boarding gates that make use of biometrics, including facial geometry, fingerprints or iris scanning for identification.

The new concourse is also being designed with sustainability in mind, and with the directive to achieve LEED Silver and CAL Green Tier 1 certifications. 

Sustainable methods include using daylight wherever possible, energy and water conservation, reducing heat generated by building roofs and pavement, and using recycled materials.

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