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NEWS Last modified on February 28, 2017

Orlando International Airport unveils exciting new retail offering

Orlando International Airport believes that the opening of nine new speciality shops have brought new energy, excitement and entertainment to its main terminal.

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and Westfield have partnered to redevelop nearly 10,000 square feet of space that includes luxury and specialty retail, plus a more than 2,000 square foot old-fashioned arcade.

Westfield transformed six existing spaces into nine new concepts that it claims "maximise the fun" for Orlando travellers.
“Our guests expect the highest calibre travel experience at Orlando International Airport and part of that expectation is a line-up of world-class retail destinations,” says Ray Anderson, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority's senior director of concessions and properties.

“The more quality options we can offer, the more enjoyable the visit.”
Dominic Lowe, executive vice president of Westfield Airports, comments: "Working with our partners at GOAA, we really wanted to extend the vacation for travellers and bring the excitement of Orlando into the airport.

“Whether it’s a family looking for an awesome way to pass the time or a business traveller who wants to relax before a meeting, there is something for everyone now.”
The new destinations include confectionary mecca Natalie’s Candy Jar; Power Play Arcade; Skechers; Timeless Travel; TUMI; and XpresSpa.

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