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NEWS Last modified on March 1, 2017

US car parking giant Park 'N Fly celebrates its 50th anniversary

Park 'N Fly, the US's self proclaimed leader in off-airport parking, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

With facilities in 14 major markets, over 80 affiliate markets, and over 900 international affiliates, Park 'N Fly insists that it is offers convenience, competitive rates and top quality service.

Founded in 1967 in St Louis, Missouri, the company was later acquired by the BCD Group in 1988 when they moved operations to Atlanta, Georgia.

All of the Park 'N Fly's facilities include 24/7 access, luggage assistance, and complimentary bottled water, the two Atlanta locations offer additional amenities.

"Celebrating 50 years in business marks an exciting milestone for our company," says Tony Paalz, CEO of Park 'N Fly.
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"A key element of Park 'N Fly's success, and one that we are very proud of, is our long and enduring relationship with our customers."

Park 'N Fly offers online reservations at all of their facilities and affiliates nationwide, and recently added a global booking engine for their international affiliates. 

Customers can also apply discounts and redeem award days online earned through the Frequent Parker Programme, which can be used at any of the Park 'N Fly facilities.

To commemorate Park 'N Fly's golden anniversary, the company will be launching a new responsive website, as well as, an updated mobile app that will make the booking process even easier and more manageable for account access.

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