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NEWS Last modified on March 1, 2017

Jersey set to become first British airport to embrace remote tower technology

Jersey Airport is set to become the first provider of Remote Tower Service technology in the British Isles following an investment of £1.3 miliion on the new system.

The decision by Ports of Jersey to embrace the new technology was driven by its desire to be able to continue to provide air traffic services in the event of a catastrophic technical failure of equipment or the need to evacuate the main Air Traffic Control facility at Jersey Airport.

This means that the Visual Control Room and Approach Facility can still be operated from a remote location, allowing aircraft to continue to operate in and out of Jersey Airport and Channel Islands Airspace.

The system itself consists of a display feature showing a 220 degree view of the airfield, emulating the view that air traffic officers see from their control tower. 

It also boasts two zoom cameras, which allows for a detailed close up views of aircraft both on the ground and in the air.1ad7ca7102938fa22ab05844f91dcd7d XL

Senior air traffic control officer at Jersey Airport, Les Smallwood, is certainly confident that the new technology will be of great benefit to the island.

“This solution will provide guaranteed resilience in the event of equipment failure or the need to evacuate the main ATC facility at the airport," he says.

"Additionally, we hope that being at the forefront of this technology will enable Ports of Jersey to expand its business portfolio in this area."

Group CEO for Ports of Jersey, Doug Bannister, notes: “The air traffic management sector is changing rapidly, with a convergence of technology, process and expertise.

"Ports of Jersey, working with strong technology partners and advanced regulators, are firmly at the leading edge of these developments. This is an exciting period indeed."

Jersey Airport is working in partnership with Systems Interface Ltd, Searidge Technologies (Canada) and Certisa Ltd to deliver the new remote tower technology.


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