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NEWS Last modified on March 10, 2017

US airports need to invest $100 billion on infrastructure – new report

A new study has found that US airports need to invest nearly $100 billion on infrastructure over the next five years to accommodate growth in passenger and cargo activity, rehabilitate existing facilities, and support aircraft innovation.

The study of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and 99 other US airports was conducted by Airports Council International – North America (ACI-NA) and focused on the vast demands facing airport operators as rising passenger and cargo volumes strain airport resources.  

“It was important for LAX to participate in this study because it points out the long-term needs of our airport and others across the nation,” said Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) CEO, Deborah Flint.

“Airports of all sizes combined, have an investment need of $20 billion annually for improvements to modernize aging airfields and terminals, and relieve congestion and delays – all of which will significantly improve the passenger experience.”

The national study, Airport Infrastructure Needs: 2017 – 2021, was released earlier this week in Washington, DC.

“In recent months, President Donald Trump and policy makers on both sides of the aisle have become outspoken advocates for America’s airports and the state of airport infrastructure,” said ACI-NA president and CEO Kevin Burke.

“Our airports are powerful engines of economic growth and job creation for local communities across the United States. 

"At the same time, America’s airports have significant infrastructure needs that must be addressed to remain competitive in the global aviation system and support our economy. This study is an important tool in educating policy makers about the real and significant infrastructure challenges America’s airports face.” 

At airports across the United States, terminal projects represent 54.1% of overall airport infrastructure needs. 

Landside projects represent 24.7% of total needs and airside projects represent 21.1% of total needs.
LAX snhovel
LAX is currently in the midst of a $14 billion modernization programme to improve the guest experience, including major terminal renovations, a new Midfield Satellite Concourse and the proposed Landside Access Modernization Program.

The latter project would help relieve congestion in the Central Terminal Area by building a Consolidated Rent-A-Car Center and 2.25-mile Automated People Mover

Large hub airports similar to LAX, which handle 72.6% of all enplanements, account for $60.4 billion of total airport infrastructure needs. 

They reported an increase of 50.6% in infrastructure needs from 2015. 

Terminal projects represent 59.6% of large hub airport infrastructure needs. Landside projects represent 24.5% and airside projects represent 16 percent of large hub airport infrastructure needs.

Airport Infrastructure Needs: 2017-2012 is available on the ACI-NA website.  

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