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NEWS Last modified on March 13, 2017

Groupe ADP to design new air traffic control centre at Bahrain International Airport

Groupe ADP, through its 100%-owned subsidiary, ADP Ingénierie (ADPI), has been selected by government of Bahrain to design the new Air Traffic Control Centre at Bahrain International Airport.

The new complex will cover a surface area of around 3,000sqm.

ADPI has signed an 18 month contract with the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications of the Kingdom of Bahrain to design the new complex, which will improve the efficiency of air traffic control operations acrross the country.

Gratien Maire, CEO of ADP Ingénierie, says: "The decision of the authorities of the Kingdom of Bahrain to award ADP Ingénierie the contract for the design studies for the new Air Traffic Control Centre bolsters our presence in the country and their recognition of our expertise.

"The new contract comes while we are already in the process of designing the airport's new passenger terminal.

"The close and trusting relationship with this customer, combined with the detailed knowledge of their expectations, has enabled us to meet the specific needs expressed for this new air traffic control centre." 

According to ADPI, the new complex will have three levels and "maximum use of natural light".

It will also have a special shade over the staff rest area and a signature roof terrace that is exposed to the elements.

"The combination of concrete walls and columns, steel framing and composite decks, lends the building a harmonious modernity that blends in with the new passenger terminal nearby," adds ADP Ingénierie.



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