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NEWS Last modified on March 23, 2017

Brisbane Airport's planned Auto Mall becomes a step closer to reality

Brisbane Airport claims to have recorded two major milestones in its bid to create BNE Auto Mall, which it describes as Australia’s benchmark automotive precinct.

The milestones are the first major automotive group to secure a site in the precinct, and the formal commencement of the land development programme for the landmark $300m project.

John Tormey, Brisbane Airport Coporation's general manager for commercial businesses, reveals that one of Australia’s leading automotive dealership groups, Sci-Fleet Motors Pty Ltd, has secured a prime gateway site in the precinct and is entering detailed negotiations.

“We are delighted to have the Sci-Fleet Group join us on the first stage of the journey for the delivery of this iconic project and it is fitting, as the largest and most successful dealer for both the number one volume brand in the country Toyota and leading luxury brand Lexus, that they are on-board,” he says.

Commercial negotiations for the BNE Auto Mall are being handled by JLL’s Ben Koop and Jacob Swan.
BNE Colin Baker
“Having commenced commercial negotiations with many of the leading automotive groups who have previously expressed interest in the project in the latter part of 2016, we are pleased with the level of interest in the BNE Auto Mall that continues to build each month," says Koop.

"We are well progressed with a number of groups and expect to make further such announcements in the coming months."

Dealer principal for the Sci-Fleet Group, Andrew Scifleet, notes: “The project is an exciting and unique prospect for the industry and, as we see it, provides a genuine solution for our market.

"It offers the potential for us to continue to raise the bar in the experience we offer our guests long into the future.”

BAC Board approval was granted at the end of 2016 to kick start the land development for the major project.

Commencement of the land development programme for the project will see site clearing underway in the second half of 2017 with the opening of the BNE Auto Mall planned for 2020. 

Tormey adds: “The vision for the project remains the same – to provide an unrivalled automotive platform for dealers and manufacturers with the ultimate in test drive experience.
"We know that leading automotive brands are continuing to raise the bar, and this requires a new and fresh approach, a new platform, for how they engage with their customers.

"The future of automotive retailing is becoming more dynamic with a push for higher quality, interactive customer experiences. 

"The multi-layered appeal of the precinct with entertainment and shopping, restaurants and bars, driver experiences, hotels and conference facilities, all tailored to the automotive market and wrapped around a 2.5km Mark Skaife designed performance track will ensure the BNE Auto Mall delivers world-class facilities that are being demanded by tomorrow’s customers.”

Forecasts prepared by Urbis for expected potential visitation to the BNE Auto Mall precinct, indicates by 2026 annual visitation in the order of 1.4 million per annum.

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