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NEWS Last modified on March 24, 2017

Lights off at Denver International Airport tomorrow night for Earth Hour

Images courtesy of Denver International Airport. Images courtesy of Denver International Airport.

Denver International Airport (DEN) will be turning off the lights on Saturday night as the gateway once again takes part in the Earth Hour initiative.

This is the fifth year that DEN has participated in Earth Hour, which takes place from 8.30-9.30pm local time on Saturday, as a symbolic recognition of the airport’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact.

This year, the gateway is supporting this global event by turning off the lights on the airport’s iconic 'Mustang' statue and the 'Shadow Array' artwork at the Hotel and Transit Center.

Mustang, by artist Luis Jiménez, is a 32-foot-tall sculpture that stands along the roadway to and from the Jeppesen Terminal.
Shadow Array was installed in 2015 by Denver artist Patrick Marold at the commuter rail entrance to the airport’s Hotel and Transit Center, and features 236 beetle-kill spruce logs that are illuminated at night.

“Denver International Airport works hard to be a sustainability leader within the aviation industry,” says Scott Morrissey, the airport's senior director for sustainability.

“Earth Hour is one small way we can highlight our commitment to implementing solutions that save money, improve operational efficiency and reduce emissions.”

The airport is also encouraging its employees to turn off other, non-essential lights during Earth Hour.

The Earth Hour event will not affect operations at the airport, and the lights will be turned back on at the conclusion of the hour.


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