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NEWS Last modified on March 28, 2017

Zagreb Airport's capacity doubling new terminal opens for business

The new €300 million terminal at Zagreb's Franjo Truđman Airport is officially open for business. 

The 65,000sqm terminal effectively doubles the airport's capacity to five million passengers per annum, which will rise to 8mppa upon completetion of phase two of its development.

The new facility was promised by the current operator, ZAIC-A Ltd, when awarded the 30-year concession to manage, operate and develop the gateway in 2013.

Its key shareholders are ADP Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of Groupe ADP, TAV Airports, Bouygues Bâtiment International (a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction), Viadukt (a Croatian construction company), the Marguerite Fund and the IFC (a member of the World Bank Group).

Franjo Tuđman Airport welcomed 2.8 million passengers last year, with traffic up 6.9%, compared to 2015.

Antonin Beurrier, executive director and chief international officer at Groupe ADP, says: "Completing the new terminal, built by Bouygues Bâtiment International and Viadukt, on schedule and within budget is an achievement that underscores the expertise and experience of Groupe ADP when it comes to arranging financing and managing complex airport projects. 

"Groupe ADP will operate the Zagreb Airport concession until 2042, providing the airport with a powerful tool to take full advantage of its potential in terms of economic development and tourism.

"With passenger traffic up 20% over the past three years, and the arrival of ten new airlines, Franjo Tuđman Airport is seeing particularly rapid growth.

"For Groupe ADP, it is a strategic asset in its portfolio of airports across the world."

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