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NEWS Last modified on March 31, 2017

British holidaymakers fear higher costs in EU zone this summer – new survey

Brexit will inevitably mean higher price holidays in the Euro zone this summer, which will lead to up to a third of Brits looking elsewhere for their annual trip abroad, according to a new survey.

In a UK-wide poll conducted this week by London Southend Airport, the true impact of Brexit on travellers was revealed – painting a picture of increased costs, changing plans and a call for the UK Government to lower taxes. 

The anticipated effect of Brexit on UK travel plans this summer was most acute amongst younger people – with those aged 18-35 feeling particularly pessimistic about travelling within the Euro currency zone.

The results of the survey showed that the majority of UK adults (62%) would call on the Government to lower taxes as costs increase now that the Brexit process is underway. 
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One third of UK adults believe that Brexit will impact on their holiday plans, with four in five expecting family holidays within the Euro currency zone to become more expensive.   

When asked ‘How much more expensive?’ the average cost increase for a family holiday among the survey respondents was £363.  

Again, those in the 18-35 age group were even more pessimistic, expecting the cost impact to be more than £500.

Glyn Jones, CEO of Stobart Aviation, which owns London Southend Airport, commented: “There are two ways of looking at this. One is that we can all expect to pay significantly more for our typical family holidays within the Euro currency zone this summer.

"Or, more positively, it could simply be a case of ‘Goodbye Zante, Hello Zadar’ as UK travellers opt for destinations outside of the currency zone, and explore new places. 
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"What I am certainly calling for is that the UK government should, without delay, reduce the controversial Airport Passenger Duty.”

London Southend Airport flies to around 30 destinations – both inside and outside the Euro currency zone – including Venice, Prague, Lyon, Reus, Cologne, Budapest, Perpignan, Milan, Dubrovnik, Vienna and, of course, Zadar in Croatia.

The survey by London Southend Airport was conducted between March 24-27 and attracted more than 1000 respondents from across the UK.

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