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NEWS Last modified on April 3, 2017

Latin American fire fighters training at Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport’s Fire and Rescue service has been assisting the training of fire fighters from Mexico and South America.

As reported on STV News, 20 fire fighters form Paraguay, Argentina and Mexico are in Scotland for a four week course which is being led by International Fire and Rescue Association (IFRA).

IFRA are Scotland’s biggest International fire service charity, having sent 50 containers of vital lifesaving equipment, nearly 100 appliances including ambulances and have sent 59 training missions with over 200 staff members to the 19 countries since formation in 2001.

The course consists of a two week basic firefighting course, a one week Breathing apparatus course and a one week specialist course (Water Rescue, Hazardous Material, Rope Rescue).

Edinburgh Airport (both Fire Service and organisation in general) have supported IFRA since 2004 and have donated 5 Fire Appliances and 2 4x4’s - with another soon to follow.

David Kay OBE, Chairman/Director of International Fire and Rescue, said: “The fire fighters we are training do not have access to the same the level of equipment and training that we receive in this country – that was one of the reasons I decided to run this school here in Scotland.

“The training they receive from my other instructors will undoubtedly save lives in Latin America and Edinburgh Airport should be justifiably proud of its role in enabling this great project.

“Without the support of organisations like Edinburgh Airport - IFRA would not be able to work as effectively as we do and I am proud to say our partnership has had a positive impact on so many people’s lives worldwide.”

Gordon Dewar, Edinburgh Airport’s chief executive, said: “It is a real privilege to work with Davie Kay, the International Fire and Rescue Association and all fire fighters from overseas - we are very proud of our close association with them.”

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