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NEWS Last modified on April 5, 2017

New shops and F&B outlets open at Oslo Airport

DnB, Haven, Havsalt and Starbucks are among the new shops and F&B outlets opening at Oslo Airport this week.

“We want to offer a good, varied selection of dining places, services and shopping for all passengers. This week we can enjoy an expanded selection of services”, says Oslo Airport's commercial director Torgeir Kjos Sørensen.

In addition to a new duty-free shop is opening in the departure hall, Haven and Havsalt are the two newest concepts offered to the passengers.

Haven serves vegetables, fruit and berries in the form of soups, salads, juices and smoothies while Havsalt serves fresh, clean Norwegian seafood such as shrimp, lobster, shells, herring and, apparently, "a great selection of fish".

The airport promises that their additions means that passengers can now choose from a broader selection of international and Norwegian menus. Both restaurants are found in international departures.

Also located in international departures, near gate E2 is the new Starbucks. 

For cash exchange and withdrawals, DnB has re-opened its services in both the arrival and departure terminals.

And on Friday, Way Nor will be opening a new shop for tourist gifts.

According to the airport, the outlet will reflect Norwegian nature and history through special interior design in addition to films and pictures that enhance the impression of being in Norway.

“Leading up to the official opening, even more shops and restaurants will be opening for anyone passing through the airport to enjoy," adds Sørensen.

"A fair amount of construction still remains before everything is open, but we thank all passengers for their patience and promise we will do whatever we can to open as soon as possible." 

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