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NEWS Last modified on April 19, 2017

Geneva and Montréal airports agree to strengthen their ties

André Schneider and Philippe Rainville, the recently appointed heads of Geneva Airport and Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) respectively, today signed a co-operation agreement that it is claimed "will add a new dimension to the collaboration between the two airports".

More specifically, the document provides for the sharing of best practices in several sectors such as technological innovation, sustainable development, and risk management.

It creates an official framework for the informal exchanges that have existed between the two airports for many years, particularly with regard to snow removal operations and network development. 

Despite their geographical separation, both airports claim that Geneva and Montréal share a number of operational realities.

They both welcomed a similar numbers of passengers in 2016, for example, by primarily offering non-stop flights.

Both airports have obtained Level 3 Airport Carbon Accreditation in ACI's carbon offset programme and are continuing their efforts in order to reach Level 3+, which certifies Airport Carbon Neutrality.

The gateways add that they are also both facing significant challenges pertaining to the modification of airport infrastructure to meet the needs of their users, while maintaining safe and efficient operations.

Montréal and Geneva are connected daily by a direct flight. This connection helps ensure cultural and economic proximity between the two cities.

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