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NEWS Last modified on April 21, 2017

Declan Collier to quit as CEO of London City Airport

Declan Collier has announced that he is to step down as CEO of London City Airport.

An international recruitment firm has been appointed to undertake a search for a new CEO and Collier will be assisting the company in finding a successor.

London City Airport chairman, Sir Terry Morgan said: “On behalf of the Board I want to pay tribute to the tremendous contribution that Declan has made to London City Airport.

"Declan has been chief executive of London City Airport since March 2012, a time that has seen significant growth at the airport, the successful sale of the business to a consortium of international investors and the securing of planning permission for a £350m development of the airport infrastructure.

“Under his leadership, London City Airport has developed strong and wide ranging relationships across the aviation sector, with all levels of government- nationally, in London, and locally and with our local communities.
"The airport has delivered significant growth in passenger numbers and earnings which in turn has stimulated economic activity across the local and London economy.”

Collier said: “It has been a privilege and a pleasure to have been part of the airport’s success story for more than five years.

"London City Airport is a great business and well placed to take advantage of future growth and new aircraft technologies as we embark on our City Airport Development Programme.

"We have a dedicated and talented team working at LCY and I’m very proud of the work we’ve done to build a successful and sustainable business focused on our customers and community. 
LCY tower
“However, as we embark on the next phase of the airport’s development I feel it is the right time to transition to new leadership and I look forward to assisting the chairman to secure my successor and continuing to work with the leadership team until a new CEO starts.”  

The popular Collier is, of course, also the chairman of ACI World and a former president of ACI Europe.

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