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NEWS Last modified on April 27, 2017

Oslo's new and improved airport officially open for business

Norway's Minister of Transport and Communications, Ketil Solvik-Olsen, today officially opened Oslo's newly expanded airport. 

The completion of the expansion project, which operator Avinor points out was carried on time and within budget, ensures that Oslo Airport is equipped to handle around 32 million passengers annually. 

Just before noon, Norway’s main airport was officially opened when the Minister of Transport and Communications and the CEO of Avinor tied together a ribbon, to symbolise that 'Avinor ties Norway together'.

Solvik-Olsen told the attendees that Norway’s main airport is important to the whole nation.

"Norway depends on a well-functioning main airport. We now have a large international airport that will be the pride of the entire nation," he said.

"This is a state-run flagship project that has been on schedule and within budget. Avinor can safely be proud of the work put into this expansion." 

A big thanks to all employees 

According to Avinor, since construction began in 2011, it has placed "a great focus" on not letting the expansion work affect the passengers and airlines, which it admits proved challenging as passenger numbers continue to rise.

"This is an important day for Norwegian aviation, and we are very proud of the new Oslo Airport," noted Avinor Chairman, Ola Mørkved Rinnan. 

"We are happy that it was delivered on time and within budget, while maintaining a high quality. The thousands of people that have worked day and night since the resolution to expand was made in the spring of 2011 deserve a big round of applause."l5i0fnowtqk8hxcrtog7

Increased competitiveness for Norway 

Avinor CEO, Dag Falk-Petersen, commented: "We have invested NOK14 billion in this expansion, and it will make Norway more competitive on an international level.

"It is important for Norway to have a well-functioning hub, which Oslo Airport is to us, and the profit from this is used to finance the rest of the Norwegian aviation network. 

"We are very proud of the fact that the expansion has been completed without really affecting the passengers, and that Oslo Airport has been named the most punctual airport in Europe three times during this period". 

More space for a pleasant shopping experience 

The reason for the expansion is increased traffic and a prognosis that indicate a higher rate of growth in the years to come.

With near double the space in the terminal now, Mmnaging director, Øyvind Hansaas, hopes that passengers will be satisfied and proud of their new airport. 

"We have been looking forward to this day for years, and now we can finally announce our official opening.

"This paves the way for great customer experiences, with more room, restaurants and shops. We now offer even better airline facilities, and this hopefully means more direct routes to large and important markets around the world."


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