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NEWS Last modified on May 6, 2017

Orlando International Airport's planned new South Terminal C wins US design award

Orlando International Airport’s new South Terminal C has been honoured with a 2017 American Architecture Award by The Chicago Athenaeum.

The project’s design team includes HNTB Corporation serving as architect of record, Fentress Architects as design architect, Schenkel Shultz as general consultant, and associate architects MLM Martin, Baker Barrios and Rhodes+Brito.

Phase 1 of South Terminal C, which is currently under construction, includes a 2.7-million-square-foot domestic and international terminal building comprised of a new 16-gate airside terminal and a landside terminal.

The building’s major elements are aligned as a campus connected by 'The Boulevard', which will lead passengers anywhere they need to go while being surrounded by gardens, art, an architectural skylight, interactive media features and innovative retail and concessions.

The project is set for completion in 2020.
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“Phase 1 of South Terminal C takes travellers to the next level in creating a world-class, technologically advanced, passenger-friendly, culturally sensitive and sustainable terminal,” said HNTB Southeast aviation division leader and project director Bill Brooks, PE.

“Our team takes tremendous pride in being recognized with our client and design team for this honour.”

HNTB senior architect JC Arteaga, AIA, refers to the project as “a timeless design for future generations to enjoy an enhanced experience of natural light, garden and water that will set a high bar for beauty and efficiency among US airports.”

HNTB’s many signature aviation projects include conceptual design of the air traffic control tower at San Francisco International Airport; design of the 'Green Build' West Terminal expansion at San Diego International Airport; and engineering and architectural design services at Los Angeles International Airport.

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