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NEWS Last modified on May 10, 2017

Record breaking April for Dublin Airport

A busy Easter ensured that a record 2.5 million passengers passed through Dublin Airport in April, a 12% increase on the same period last year. 

Passenger volumes to and from Continental Europe increased by 13% with almost 1.3 million passengers travelling this route sector in April.

UK traffic increased by 5% as almost 851,000 passengers travelled to and from the UK last month.
Transatlantic passenger volumes grew by 34% with almost 263,000 passengers travelling to and from North America in April.

Other international traffic, predominantly to the Middle East, increased by 20% with over 69,000 passengers travelling to and from these destinations in April.
Domestic traffic rose by 16% with almost 8,700 passengers travelling on domestic routes in April.
The number of passengers using Dublin Airport as a hub to connect to another destination increased by 52% with more than 130,000 passengers connecting through Dublin Airport last month.
The latest figures mean that more than 8.3 million passengers have travelled through Dublin Airport in the first four months of this year, a rise of 7% over the same period a year ago.

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