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NEWS Last modified on May 16, 2017

Guided airport tours for passengers at Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport has taken hospitality to a new level by introducing guided tours of its facilities for passengers!

In order to quality for the sight seeing tour with a difference, participants must have a flight booked on the day of the tour.

Tickets must also be booked online at least a month in advance for the daily tours, which last around 90 minutes and visit location such as Docks A and B, the apron, baggage sorting area and observation Deck E.

It also costs money, with a group tour of up to eight people costing 200 Swiss francs.

The starting point for all the tours – which run daily from 9am to 9pm – is the Airside Centre, the main gathering point for departing passengers at Zurich Airport after passing through security.

The Swiss gateway believes that its guided tours give passengers “an ideal opportunity to take a close look behind the scenes and see the airport in a different light”.
In a separate initiative, the airport has also opened its observation Deck E, which sits in the middle of three runways, for passengers travelling from Dock E.

It says that access to observation deck, which will be restricted to certain hours, “offers passengers an opportunity to experience the fascination of flying up close and to further enhance the quality of the time they spend at the airport”.

Those that decide to visit it, says the airport, will be able to experience some fresh air before departure and a spectacular view of arriving and departing aircraft.

It notes that the A380 – currently the world’s largest passenger aircraft – docks in immediate proximity to the observation deck several times a day and can be observed live and up close.

Telescopes on the observation deck and play equipment for children round out the offering. Admission is free of charge for passengers.  

It is confident that both new services enhance the quality of time spent at Zurich Airport.

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