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NEWS Last modified on May 16, 2017

Singapore Changi renews key security contract for another five years

Singapore Changi operator, Changi Airport Group (CAG), has renewed a key security contract with Certis CISCO Aviation Security for another five years.

The contract also covers the provision of security services at Seletar Airport and Changi Airfreight Centre and runs from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2023, with the option to renew for a further five years.

The security services contract, valued at over S$680 million, covers the provision of security services in areas such as access-control checks into security restricted areas, pre-board screening of passengers and screening of passengers’ checked-in baggage.

CAG’s CEO, Lee Seow Hiang, says: “Certis Group is a key airport partner that CAG values deeply.

"The mutual trust that we have built over the past 10 years gives us great confidence to renew the security services contract with CAS. We look forward to continue our partnership, as Changi Airport continues to grow in the years ahead."

Certis Group’s Group CEO, Paul Chong, notes: “We are thankful to Seow Hiang and his team for a strong partnership.

"This has enabled CAS to grow to its present team of 3,500 staff, responsible for a spectrum of security operations for CAG and the airport community.

"With the renewed affirmation today, CAS plans to make long-term investments into the security hardware and software for our aviation security operations at Changi Airport.”

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