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NEWS Last modified on May 18, 2017

Sauna and Sibelius themed buses introduced at Helsinki Airport

Finnish airport operator, Finavia, has come up with a unique way of celebrating Finland’s 100th year of independence… transforming a handful of its shuttle buses into moving billboards for all things Finish!

Finnish composer Sibelius, the sauna, Formula 1 and Hard Rock are among the first themes to be created on the buses, which shuttle passengers between the terminal and waiting aircraft.

“For many passengers, Helsinki Airport is their first or only contact with Finland. We want to introduce all our passengers to our country, whether they stayed here for a week or only 30 minutes," says Katja Siberg, Finavia’s vice president of marketing and business development at Finavia.

“With our theme buses it will not only be smooth, but surely memorable, ride from the airplane to the terminal."
Finavia theme bus Sibelius
The airport’s first theme buses introduced passengers to the Finnish national composer Jean Sibelius, Finnish sauna and Formula 1, all very dear to the Finns.

"No matter whom you ask about Finland, the answer almost always includes sauna,” says Siberg.

“Sauna is such a fundamental part of the Finnish identity and culture that it had to be part of this theme bus concept.

“Jean Sibelius, again, doesn’t need much introduction. We wanted to dedicate one bus to Finland’s national composer.”
Finavia theme bus formula
The Formula 1 bus, too, has earned its place among Finland-themed buses.

"Finns are a motor sports nation. Finnish Formula 1 and rally drivers have conquered the Monaco Grand Prix and rally roads of Sahara,” she adds.

“Mika Häkkinen, Kimi Räikkönen and Valtteri Bottas are among the most famous Finns in the world. Thus, the Formula 1 bus has really earned its place among the theme buses.”
helsinki airport rock bus
The latest bus illustration (pictured above) is inspired by Hard Rock, says Finavia, which has promised to introduce more themed buses throughout the year.

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