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NEWS Last modified on May 22, 2017

Specialist consortium to complete design concept for Auckland's new terminal

The creation of a combined domestic and international terminal at Auckland Airport moved an important step closer today with the announcement of a specialist consortium to lead the completion of its concept design.

The airport claims that the Mott MacDonald-led consortium, selected through a rigorous tender process, blends extensive international and New Zealand experience through Mott MacDonald, Grimshaw, Architectus and Holmes Consulting.

Auckland Airport chief executive, Adrian Littlewood, says that the talent that these companies will commit to the project was a key factor in their selection.

“The selected consortium’s experience covers over 1,000 aviation projects in 120 countries across 260 airports.

"In addition to specialist experience and knowledge, the consortium’s architects have a proven record of successfully bringing local cultural influence into the fabric of their passenger focused design.
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"This is a significant factor for us as we build a world class airport with a uniquely New Zealand feel.”

The scope of the design project covers building works over the next 10 years. This includes not only the new integrated domestic terminal, but also a significant expansion of border processing and the integration of extensive new transport and car parking facilities. 

Keith Howell, chairman of Mott MacDonald, says the consortium can’t wait to apply its collective creativity to design an airport that New Zealanders will be proud of and visitors will admire.

“This is a tremendously exciting project that will further enhance Auckland Airport's standing as a key hub in the Asia-Pacific region and the gateway to New Zealand," he enthuses.

"To deliver this, we will draw on our experience at other strategically important airports such as London Heathrow, Hong Kong and Singapore, and have brought together a multi-talented consortium that has worked together before on other landmark schemes."

The consortium will begin work almost immediately, with the design expected to be complete in early 2018. 

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