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NEWS Last modified on May 25, 2017

Brisbane Airport looking for an artist with a love for Lego!

Brisbane Airport wants their next 'artist in residence' to have a special talent – a love for Lego! 

For the Australian gateway is on the hunt to find the perfect candidate to fulfil the position of ‘LEGO®ist-in-Residence’.

Julieanne Alroe, Brisbane Airport Corporation's CEO and managing director, said the exciting position was being offered as part of Brisbane Airport’s hugely successful ‘Artist-in-Residence’ programme.

She said: "Brisbane Airport is the first airport in Australia to offer an Artist-in-Residence programme that was launched in 2015 with renowned realist painter Robert Brownhall who created a series of works featuring passengers, aircraft and incredible landscape views.
lego-1932398 640

“In 2016, The Queensland Symphony Orchestra treated passengers and visitors to six ‘pop-up’ performances at the International and Domestic Terminals.

“This time we thought we’d venture outside the box of traditional art and performance and into a space that most of us have dabbled in at some stage in our life, but with a view of taking it to new heights.

“From its humble beginnings LEGO has truly transcended the realms of toy boxes across the world and is growing in popularity with creative artists producing mind-boggling installations from the colourful blocks. 

“We saw real opportunity in engaging someone skilled in this art form to become Brisbane Airport’s next Artist-in-Residence and we’re excited about what a LEGO®ist will bring to the program.
lego-1124009 640
"From life sized installations to interactive workshops, anything is a possibility."

Those that fancy applying for the role, need to know:

• The Artist-in-Residence will be contracted to BAC for a 12 month period (June 2017 to June 2018)

• This is not a full-time position but rather an opportunity to receive a payment for something you love to do. Hours required at the airport will be flexible

• The LEGO®ist-in-Residence will need to be available for random LEGO chats, planning sessions and corporate appearances. Brisbane or Queensland based is preferred

Interested applicants can visit http://www.bne.com.au/artist-residence for more imformation, with applications needinbg to be in by close of play on June 15, 2017.

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As a long term champion of the arts across Queensland, Brisbane Airport is a major investor in many projects and organisations from music and theatre to ballet, exhibitions and festivals.

The Corporation also owns one of the biggest and most significant collections of public art in Australia valued at more than ~$10 million.

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