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NEWS Last modified on May 25, 2017

Former airport fireman is the new CEO at Leeds Bradford Airport

Leeds Bradford Airport in the UK has appointed former airport fireman, David Laws, as its new chief executive.

He succeeds John Parkin who is retiring, having substantially developed the airport during the last 10 years.

The airport now operates to over 70 destinations in 25 countries and has grown passenger numbers by 6% over the last 12 months to 3.7 million passengers. 

LBA is a major contributor to the economic development of the region and new investment is underway to improve and expand the operations.

John Parkin will continue as a non executive director.

Laws was previously chief executive of Newcastle Airport for 10 years and has 39 years’ experience in the airport sector.

He began his career as a trainee fireman at Newcastle Airport in April 1979 and went onto become a fire officer, before subsequently becoming the airport’s safety advisor.

“My passion is for airport development and ensuring that the customer journey is a truly great experience," says Laws.

"I am excited about joining Leeds Bradford Airport to further improve, expand and develop the business and look forward to working with the team at Leeds Bradford Airport and all those involved from the airlines, stakeholders and partners to develop the next phase of the airport’s growth.” 

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