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NEWS Last modified on June 7, 2017

Kerkloh to extend stay at Munich Airport

Munich Airport has acted early to trigger an extension in the contract of president and CEO, Dr Michael Kerkloh, who will now remain at the helm until the end of 2019.

Kerkloh, 63, has served as Munich Airport's top executive since September 2002. 

In addition to being president and CEO of airport operator, FMG, he is also the company's labour director. 

Under his leadership, Bavaria's gateway to the world has moved up to join the ranks of Europe's top air transportation hubs, with annual traffic exceeding 42 million passengers in the most recent operating year.
The airport has responded to the steady growth in passenger demand with several major expansion projects to increase its handling capacity, the last of which was the new satellite building, which FMG jointly opened with Lufthansa, on schedule and within budget, in April 2016.

This increased the airport's total capacity to over 50 million passengers per year.

A further affirmation of Munich Airport's success are the many honours and awards that it receives on an ongoing basis. Over the past 12 years it has been selected as the 'Best Airport in Europe' 10 times in Skytax's World Airport Awards.

As an aviation expert with extensive knowledge of the industry, Kerkloh, who hails from the region of Westphalia, has also worked successfully with many aviation committees and organizations, both in Germany and at the international level.
"In the coming years I aim to help add more chapters to the success story of this extraordinary airport," he enthused. "I'm delighted that I will remain a part of that success going forward.

Dr Markus Soder, Bavaria's finance minister and the chairman of the FMG supervisory board said: "This decision should be understood as an expression of gratitude and a vote of confidence from the shareholders for the extremely successful management of the airport.

"We have no doubt that our time-te sted leadership crew will continue to keep Munich Airport on track for success."


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