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NEWS Last modified on June 8, 2017

Seattle-Tacoma unveils winning concepts in major retail/F&B shake-up

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has chosen a number of new concession offerings that it claims "reflect global tastes and feature several popular favourites".

Their choice, following a competitive tender, will include báhn mi, burgers, a cocktail bar, ice cream, fresh juice, sushi and salads, with the locations opening in the coming years.

Operator, the Port of Seattle, is in the middle of a long-term dining and retail redevelopment programme in which leases for the majority of the units are expiring over several years, some of which have already been re-leased.

More opportunities for interested firms will still be available in the future, including approximately 20 units in the next lease group to be proposed for competitive bid starting this summer.
SEa-Tac retail
Currently, passengers have 86 dining and retail choices at the airport. That number is expected to grow to more than 135 dining and retail choices upon completion of the redevelopment effort.

“There was more competition and there were more local concepts submitted for these leases than we’ve ever received before,” said Port of Seattle Commission president Tom Albro.

“We’re particularly pleased that so many local minority and small businesses see the benefit of opportunities at Sea-Tac Airport, will create new jobs, and help us share a Pacific Northwest sense of place with our passengers. Remember to check in early and bring your appetite.”

Winning bidders were selected through a rigorous, thorough fair evaluation process with seven rating criteria including background/experience, concept, unit design, financial/rent proposal, management/staffing and operations, job quality/workforce development, and small business participation.

The process included observation from external stakeholders and benefitted from lessons learned from previous leasing efforts.
Sea-Tac plane
The list of winning bids includes exciting current local businesses as well as new local concepts developed specifically for the airport. They include:

Marche Food Hall – To be located in the large area at the elbow of Concourse A between gates A6 and A5, featuring popular and local concepts, operated by SSP America 

Evergreens – Providing healthy convenient meals in U-Village and five downtown Seattle locations, operated by The Yarrow Group

Poppa Woody’s – A partnership between Sub Pop Records and Li’l Woody’s, Seattle’s Best Burgers with two locations in Seattle and Ballard, operated by SP-LW, LLC. 

Lucky Louie by Kathy Casey – Operated by 1915 Kchouse Concepts, LLC, a local woman-operated company by Stacy House and Kathy Casey. Featuring Northwest inspired quick serve seafood

Asian Box – With roots in San Francisco, delivering customizable Asian favorites on noodles or rice, operated by SSP America 

Ballard Beer Hall – Designed to reflect Seattle’s exceptional craft beer scene, SSP America

Banh Shop – Delivering fresh flavors of Southeast Asia, operated by SSP America

Caffe Ladro – Based in Seattle since 1994, serving ‘best in town’ coffee with sustainable roots and pastries from the Ladro bakery, operated by SSP America
La Place – Serving sustainably sourced products produced locally in the Pacific Northwest, operated by SSP America

Le Grand Comptior – Featuring an array of wines from Washington vineyards and regionally-inspired menu, operated by SSP America 

Pallino – Local fast-casual Italian-American favorites, operated by Pallino SeaTac, LLC

Pei Wei Asian Diner – Delivering handcrafted, pan-Asian dishes made to order by the founders of P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, operated by SSP America

Seattle Made – Featuring high quality products designed and manufactured in Seattle by more than 350 member makers, operated by Pacific Gateway Concessions, LLC

Standard Bakery and Broadcast Coffee Roasters – Offering a quintessential taste of the Pacific Northwest, operated by Pacific Gateway Concessions, LLC 

Stone House Café – Offering home-style cooking with a location on Rainier Avenue, operated by BF Foods, LLC

Swarovski – A world-leading producer of fashion jewelry, operated by Pacific Gateway Concessions, LLC

In addition to the traveling public, Sea-Tac Airport’s dining and retail programme benefits businesses, individual workers and local cities. Combined, annual revenue from Sea-Tac concessionaires is about $275 million.

Full-time employment in airport dining and retail is up 21% since the beginning of redevelopment in 2014.  

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