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NEWS Last modified on June 8, 2017

Green light for summer tests of new automated screening lane system

 A new Automated Screening Lane (ALS) system is set to be trialled at US airports this summer after the green light from the TSA for its deployment.

Following the successful completion of integration assessment tests by the TSA, Vanderlande and Optosecurity’s ASL will be deployed for Operational Readiness Tests at US Category-X airports this summer.

Vanderlande’s SCANNOJET and Optosecurity’s eVelocity together successfully passed TSA’s Innovation Task Force’s ASL assessment testing which identifies and supports new capabilities to improve security and address key operational challenges such as passenger wait times at airport checkpoints.

The approval makes the Vanderlande and Optosecurity solution available for selection by airport and airline carrier partners for deployment to airport operational assessments.

“We’re excited to have received TSA approval for our ASL solution,” says Vanderlande’s executive vice president for airports, Andrew Manship.

“We have every confidence in our SCANNOJET system, and due to its modular design and configuration the solution delivers proven increases in passenger throughput, enhancements to security and reductions in operational costs at the checkpoint.

"It will also significantly improve the passenger experience at airports.”

Nick Porter, Vanderlande’s president for airports in North America, notes: “We are debuting new innovations for fast installation and comprehensive service that will distinguish our solution above others, ensuring real benefits for Vanderlande’s US checkpoint customers, now and in the future.”


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