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NEWS Last modified on June 16, 2017

New concessions to enhance customer experience in Newark Liberty's Terminal B

The Port Authority of New and New Jersey's Board of Commissioners believes that its decision to approve new lease agreements with Westfield Airports to renovate 31,000 square feet of terminal space for concessions at Newark Liberty International Airport’s Terminal B will enhance customer satisfaction.

The PANYNJ board has authorised 10 concessions agreements that will provide new restaurants, specialty retail businesses, a currency exchange and other service options for Terminal B passengers, which also spurs the creation of new jobs and opportunities.

Of the proposed leases, 17 will be located post-security and 11 pre-security. In addition, a total of 19 new ATMs will be located throughout the terminal, before and after security clearance. 

“These critical investments in our airports are necessary to accommodate our customers, improve airport services and bring jobs to the area,” said board chairman, John Degnan. 
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While PANYNJ executive director, Pat Foyle, said: “The agreements will continue the effort to modernise our airports and provide the flying public a wider range of services and amenities."

As part of an extension of their original concessions agreement with PANYNJ, Westfield invested $3.5 million to revamp the Terminal A and B food courts, further enhancing the passenger experience at Newark.

Since partnering with Westfield in 2007, a total of 75 concessions locations have been redeveloped in Terminal A and B.

Westfield notes that it is committed to working with all airport stakeholders, including small businesses, ACDBE partners and local entrepreneurs to connect travelers to the city and bring Newark and the region into the airport.

The renovations of the concessions are expected to be completed by the aurumn of 2019.

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