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NEWS Last modified on June 22, 2017

Fraport signs multi-year ORAT contract for Bahrain International Airport's new terminal

Fraport has launched a multi-year project providing Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) with comprehensive Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) consulting services for the new passenger terminal at Bahrain International Airport.

The contract, signed by Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, also covers the airport's new apron area, fire station, fuel farm and aircraft maintenance facilities. 

Under the terms of the deal, Fraport will provide its full range of ORAT services bundled in three consulting phases, running over 32 months and requiring a total of 4,700 project man-days. 

Scheduled to be inaugurated in 2019, Bahrain International Airport’s new passenger terminal will have capacity for serving 14 million passengers per year and is a key infrastructure element in BAC’s Airport Modernization Program (AMP). 

Dr Stefan Schulte, Fraport AG’s executive board chairman, stated:  “Winning Bahrain Airport’s ORAT tender further confirms Fraport’s position as a top provider of operational readiness services to airports around the globe. 

"The size and scope of this consulting project underscores the Bahrain Airport Company’s commitment to developing Bahrain as a leading international aviation gateway in the years to come. 

"Not only is this our largest ORAT contract to date, it is our most comprehensive – whereby we will be delivering operational readiness services and solutions before, during and after the inauguration of Bahrain’s new terminal.”

The suite of Fraport ORAT services and tools comprises project management; concepts and standard operating procedures (SOP); training and familiarization, human resources strategy; operational trials (simulation); and airport relocation and post-inauguration support.

Fraport claims that its ORAT consulting package is based on a holistic and process-driven approach. 

"This means that the ORAT team focuses on key airport processes defined by the facilities, systems, procedures and staff," the company states.

"Thus, Fraport’s ORAT experts are able to identify and remedy critical issues that would negatively impact the smooth opening of new airport infrastructure."

Michael Kunz, Fraport AG’s head of consulting services, notes that Frqport has "a proven track record in implementing ORAT projects at our Frankfurt Airport home base and around the globe.” 
Lima facade
For the record, Fraport’s ORAT reference projects include new passenger terminals inaugurated at Sao Paulo (Brazil), St Petersburg (Russia), Varna and Burgas (Bulgaria), Cairo (Egypt), and terminal redevelopment at Lima (Peru). 

In addition, Fraport is currently engaged in a major five-year ORAT project for Geneva Airport (Switzerland) that will run until 2020.

Alexander Larisch, Fraport AG’s ORAT director highlighted the advantages of operational preparedness: “Our unique ORAT programme allows us to find and solve any difficiencies relating to the opening of new terminals and other airport infrastructure – well before inauguration day. 

"Operational trials are one of our most powerful tools to highlight critical issues, while proving the functionality of new facilities and systems, as well as the preparedness of staff. 

"Furthermore, these trials establish a platform for all relevant stakeholders to work closely together.”


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