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NEWS Last modified on June 26, 2017

Cutting edge wayfinding technology set to be introduced at Houston's airports

Finding your way around Houston’s airports will be as simple as checking your smart phone when a new way-finding application is launched on the Houston Airport System’s fly2houston.com website this month.

Working with San Francisco-based company LocusLabs, George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) and William P Hobby Airport (HOU) will be the first airports in the world with the turn-by-turn wayfinding technology that doesn’t require downloading a separate app to smart devices.

Houston Airport Systems (HAS) says that once in place, passengers can easily access the interactive map technology from any device or browser, whether the device is mobile, desktop or tablet. 

It says: "The easy navigation tool provides 'transit path' directions that will take the user from their originating point to their destination with the most direct and efficient path possible. LocusLabs has named this product 'Maps Online'.
Houston Bush
"Both graphic and text directions are provided and each step of the path has turn-by-turn points listed, as well the estimated time it will take to walk to the destination. 

"As important, it offers searchable navigation, with location information and search terms for points of interest including gates, ground transportation, ticket kiosks, shops, restaurants, security checkpoints, and more."

Kathleen Boyd, head of marketing for HAS, enthuses: “For the Houston Airport System, the accessibility of this new technology is as exciting as being chosen as pilot airports for its launch.

“The fact that there is no app necessary — that travellers at our airports can use it simply by going to fly2houston.com on their smart device — offers another powerful and valuable tool to our customers, who already use our passenger journey-focused award-winning website to find a wide variety of information and services on a daily basis. 
Houston Hobby
"It is another step towards meeting our strategic objective to “Make Our Passengers Happy.”

The fly2houston.com website has earned accolades from industry leaders and customers since its re-imagined makeover a year ago.

According to HAS, this new technology enhances its passenger journey-focused approach with faster and easier feed updates, providing users with more real-time updates on airport services and amenities as well as up-to-the-minute updates on the airport footprint and points of interest information.

Airport maps are some of the most-visited pages on the fly2houston.com website, and with the new technology providing precise navigation throughout both airports — as well as a search engine that can provide information on shopping, dining, gate location and more, this ground-breaking technology advances the HAS' goal of providing the most complete and useful information possible to passengers at both airports.
Houston Bush plane
Launched in 2015, LocusLabs is a San Francisco-based company that provides the platform and tools that enable devices to be location-aware on a micro level.

”We are proud to partner with Houston Airport System, whose innovative thinking is bringing IAH and HOU passengers the optimal digital travel experience in whatever channel or app they may be using,” says its co-founder and CEO, Campbell Kennedy.

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