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NEWS Last modified on July 17, 2017

Faro Airport opens new expanded terminal

Portugal's Faro Airport has unveiled its newly expanded passenger terminal which it claims is more user friendly and operationally efficient.

The airport has invested €32.8 million on increasing the size of the complex from 81,200sqm to 93,120sqm, which operator, ANA, reveals has allowed it to expand and update the terminal’s retail, security and operational facilities. 

It has also allowed the airport to improve security through the opening of new control areas, a move ANA says will "maintain high safety standards and an adequate level of quality of service".

The revamp is expected to boost the airport’s capacity by speeding up passenger processing times in the terminal that will allow for quicker aircraft turnarounds and subsequently more aircraft movements.

In fact, ANA is predicting that new, improved terminal will be able to process 3,000 passengers per hour compared to 2,400 previously and accommodate up to 30 runway movements hourly compared to 24 per hour up until today.

Inaugurated in 1965, Faro Airport is the main tourist airport in Portugal and plays a decisive role in the economic development of the country by serving the main tourist centres of southern Portugal and Spain. 

It handled around seven million passengers in 2016 – a rise of 18.5% on the previous year.

ANA says: "This modernisation progrmme aims to adapt the infrastructure to a new paradigm of air transportation in Portugal and throughout Europe – the rise of the low-cost airlines.

"Faro airport registered an increasein low-cost passengers and, at the same time, a decrease of passengers of other types of flights.

"This new reality has created a new passenger profile, with new needs and the desire to spend more time in the terminal."

Today's inauguration ceremony for the new terminal was attended by Portugese Prime Minister, António Costa; the Minister of Planning and Infrastructures, Pedro Marques; the CEO of VINCI Concessions and president of VINCI Airports, Nicolas Notebaert; and the president of the Executive Committee of ANA - Aeroportos de Portugal, Carlos Lacerda.

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