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NEWS Last modified on July 25, 2017

We provide a sneak preview of Singapore Changi's new Terminal 4

Singapore Changi today provided passengers with a sneak preview of its new Terminal 4.

According to operator, Changi Airport Group (CAG), the terminal will "present a new travel experience with its boutique design and innovative use of technology".

It will also be the first terminal at Changi Airport to offer end-to-end Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) for departing passengers.
With the extensive use of technology, including facial recognition software, CAG states that FAST will redefine the travel experience for passengers as well as enhance operational efficiency and raise productivity.

CAG says: "Passengers will enjoy the flexibility of checking in at their own convenience, without having to wait for counters to open. FAST will also yield productivity gains with manpower savings of about 20% expected in the longer term, when operations have stabilised."
Capable of handling up to 16 million passengers per annum, Terminal 4 has a total floor area of 225,000 square metres including the two-storey terminal, car parks and taxi deck. 

A unique and boutique design

According to CG, T4’s design theme is fun, vibrant and positively surprising. There is a sense of space – a hallmark of Changi Airport – brought about by a high ceiling and height limits for equipment and machines.

It reveals that the terminal’s showpiece is a Central Galleria (300m long x 18m wide x 23m high) which separates the public zone from the transit area. 
This visual-transparent concept provides a clear view from the check-in hall through the transit area and, at some locations, even right up to the boarding gates. 

Due to its compact size, T4 will have centralised areas for departure and arrival immigration as well as pre-board security screening.

This, says CAG, provides for more optimised deployment of manpower and equipment. In the Departure Hall, the check-in islands are angled towards the common immigration control area, to create natural and intuitive wayfinding for passengers.

T4’s interior design is based on a symmetrical petal design, inspired by the orchid petal.
CAG points out that this contemporary motif appears ubiquitously in various locations within T4, such as on the skylights, marble flooring and carpets to create a coherent design language that adds to its boutique feel.

The terminal also promises to be light, airy and 'green' courtesy of skylights and glass walls allowing natural light and plenty of plants and trees.

Indeed, landscaping covers 2,000 square metres and T4 is home to 186 large trees.

Along the boarding corridor, 160 ficus trees form a boulevard of trees, separating the boarding area from the common area at the departure gates.
A theatre of experience

With a rich tapestry of culture and technology, T4 is set to invoke an emotional connection with passengers, engaging them through a theatre of different experiences, heritage-themed facades, immersive LED digital displays and more.

The art collection at T4 features an eclectic mix of contemporary works by local and foreign artists, with a diverse blend of mediums, sizes and imagery.

CAG reveals that each piece was conceptualised and designed with careful consideration as to how it would embellish the terminal’s design and architecture, weaving in a narrative that converges art and travel.
Poh Li San, CAG's vice president, T4 programme management office, enthuses: “T4 was conceived with the vision to rethink travel, push boundaries and break new ground.

"Through innovative concepts of operation and terminal design, we sought to address our capacity needs as well as improve efficiency and manpower productivity.

“For the passenger, we wanted to delight them with ‘wow’ features and showcase our local culture and architectural history at the Heritage Zone. We look forward to welcoming the public to our Open House in August, and passengers when we open T4 for operations later this year.”

Airline operations

Nine airlines will operate at T4 – the Air Asia Group (of four airlines), Cathay Pacific, Cebu Pacific, Korean Air, Spring Airlines and Vietnam Airlines. Together, they serve an estimated eight million passengers at Changi Airport each year.

Two lounges - Cathay Pacific’s First and Business Class Lounge and SATS PPG Blossom Lounge, a pay-per-use lounge managed by SATS and Plaza Premium, are located at level 2M within the transit area.
With T4, the total handling capacity of Changi Airport will be raised to 82 million passengers per annum. There will thus be more capacity at Changi’s terminals to support the growth plans of all airlines. 

Retail offerings

Terminal 4 will also be a "shopping and dining haven", insists CAG, with more than 80 retail and F&B outlets featuring popular brands and unique experiential zones.

This includes an integrated duty-free zone covering both liquor & tobacco and cosmetics & perfumes products. Shoppers will be able to pay for their purchases at common cashier counters.

T4 facade1
New at Changi Airport, the Heritage Zone designed with the evolving architecture of shophouse facades, provides passengers a glimpse of Singapore’s unique cultural heritage, while housing a range of traditional retail and dining offerings.

Renovation and fitting-out works of stores and restaurants are well in progress to prepare for operations when T4 opens later this year.

Costing around S$1.3 billion, Changi’s new 195,000sqm Terminal 4 will raise Changi’s passenger handling capacity by around 25% from the current 66mppa to an impressive 85 million passengers per annum.


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