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Contents of Heathrow's former Terminal 1 to be auctioned off

Anyone who fancies buying some airport equipment or bit of memorabilia from Heathrow's former Terminal 1 are in luck as the bulk of the contents are now up for auction.

Described as a sale of 'epic proportions', the contents are being sold through a series of auctions organised by CA Global Partners UK, in conjunction with Indassol.

The Terminal was opened in 1968, was formally dedicated by Queen Elizabeth II in April 1969, and in its day was the biggest short-haul terminal of its kind in Western Europe. 
CA Global Partners is an industry leader in the disposal of assets for a wide range of wholesale and industrial clients from around the world.

Equipment, Assets & Inventory Includes:

  • Baggage Handling: Complete Baggage Reclaim System, Luggage Reclaim Carousels,  Fast Drop Baggage Systems, etc.
  • Gate Furniture & Accessories: Gate Desk Systems, Airport Seating Arrays, Business Lounges, Security Cameras, Passenger Partition Screening, & More.
  • Infrastructure Equipment: Lighting Systems, Control Systems, Heat Exchangers, Air Handling Units, Etc.
  • Décor Items: Airport Artwork and Memorabilia, Airport Signage, Architectural Walkways and One-of-a-Kind Display Systems, Advertisement Display Systems, & so much more, it is impossible to list.

Due to the nature of this sale, offers are currently being accepted on all major pieces. 

To register and bid, please visit the auction website at

“A sale such as this, comprising the entire contents and infrastructure of an entire major airport terminal is unprecedented, to say the least,” says Daniel Gray, managing partner of GA Global Partners Europe. 
“Not only does this represent a rare opportunity for a young airport to fully equip a new terminal, but many of the items in this sale could be refurbished or repurposed for a variety of uses in other industries – let alone some of the historical value to many of the items.”

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