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NEWS Last modified on July 28, 2017

Amsterdam Schiphol's new pier and terminal on target for development

Amsterdam Schiphol's new pier and terminal are a step closer to reality today after the appointment of a specialist team to manage their construction.

Operator, the Royal Schiphol Group, has engaged Mace, Arcadis, Royal HaskoningDHV and AECOM DVP to oversee the construction of the new facilities, which will raise the airport's capacity by 14 million passengers a year.

Amsterdam Schiphol's capital development programme outlines plans to open the new pier in 2019 and new terminal in 2023.

According to the airport, the expansion is required in order to strengthen its "competitive position", allow the gateway to keep pace with the growth in aviation and cement its status as one of Europe's ‘preferred airports’ for airlines and passengers.

"The Capital Programme is a complex and ambitious project," says the Schiphol Group.

"Not least because of the spatial limitations at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, as well as the fact that the airport will remain in full use during construction.

"This is also the reason why Schiphol seeks to strengthen the current project team with the addition of Mace, Arcadis, Royal HaskoningDHV and AECOM DVP.

"Mace and Arcadis will take on responsibility for project and construction management of the new pier and terminal, while Royal HaskoningDHV will be responsible for project management for all landside reconstruction work, and AECOM DVP will be project manager for all construction logistics."




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