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NEWS Last modified on August 17, 2017

Bergen Airport opens new terminal and begins sale of biofuels

Bergen Airport has double reason to celebrate today as it officially opened its new terminal and become the second Norwegian gateway to begin the sale of biofuels to its airline customers.

According to airport operator, Avinor, today's terminal opening effectively means the offiical opening of the new Bergen Airport.

The new terminal, which opened on time and within budget, has capacity for 10 million passengers per year.

Government and Norwegian aviation representatives and other specially invited guests gathered at the airport, which was officially opened by Prime Minister, Erna Solberg.

Solberg spoke about how the airport is important for the entire region.

She saidL "Flesland plays a vital role in tourism and industry in the region. Now that the airport has doubled its capacity, we have a large international airport that Western Norway can be proud of.

"This is a state-run flagship project that has run on schedule and within budget and Avinor can be proud of the work that went into this expansion."

Important for Norwegian aviation

Avinor believes that Bergen Airport has now become a modern, well-oiled operation with the capacity to cater for up to 10 million passengers per year.

It states that travellers can enjoy a more spacious airport with an increased number of restaurants and shops.

"The design of the airport and technical solutions offer big energy savings in addition to environmental benefits," says Avinor. "Good planning has facilitated the flow of people, benefiting both travellers and airlines. There is also a natural universal design."

Airport director, Aslak Sverdrup, notes: "We’re now providing even better facilities for travellers and airlines. Hopefully this will mean more direct flights to big, important domestic and foreign destinations."

Bergen biofuel
Talking about the launch of biojet fuels at the airport, Avinor's CEO Dag Falk-Petersen, says: "Those involved in Norwegian aviation are sharing the responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

"Biofuel, together with new more energy-efficient aircraft, is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation industry.

"Biofuel can be imported or produced in Norway. A report from Rambøll shows that it is possible to achieve a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions using Norwegian sustainable biofuel obtained through biomass from forestry. This would also help create new businesses and jobs in Norway."

Bergen Airport's director, Aslak Sverdrup, enthused: "We are delighted to be only the second airport in Norway who are now making aviation biofuel available to airlines. 

"This is an important step in establishing a market and infrastructure for the production and delivery of biofuel on a large scale."

The fuel provider, AirBP, made its first biofuel delivery the night before the opening. Biofuel can be mixed directly with conventional fuel and no adjustments to the aircraft engines or distribution system are required.
New duty free shop

Today also marked the opening of a new Arrivals duty free shop and Travel Value outlet operated by Travel Retail Norway and Gebr Heinemann.

The overall arrival retail space now adds up to 1,100 square meters, which is more than twice the size of the former arrival store. The two new shops were constructed in conjunction with the expansion of the airport's Terminal 3.

Travel Retail Norway (TRN) and Gebr Heinemann admit that they are delighted to finally have an Arrivals store in Bergen that is suited for the large increase of passengers the airport has seen over the last years.

“Bergen Airport will now have a large arrival store with a great variety of products," says CEO of TRN, Håkon Fjeld-Hansen.

"We have been waiting for this for a long time, and are looking forward to greeting and serving all our customers in the new shop."
According to Heinemann, the area of the former duty free Arrivals store at Bergen Airport covered merely 400 square meters and was only used by arriving passengers from non-Schengen countries.

However, it believes that the size of the new duty free Arrivals  shop provides more space for customers, reduces congestion and accommodates a wider range of goods.

“Our store in Bergen used to be for both arriving and departing passengers," adds TRN's Fjed-Hansen.

"By separating them – as we already do in Oslo – we will now be able to tailor the shopping experience to the different needs that our customers have.

"This has proven to be a success in Norway with Oslo as one of the world’s biggest arrival Duty Free stores."

The new 230sqm Travel Value shop will offer a wide range of products from perfume and cosmetics to sunglasses as well as other fashion and accessories.
The store will have the newest design from Heinemann Duty Free with consideration of local design and architecture in Bergen.

This concept has been a commercial success in Oslo and Trondheim, and TRN and Gebr. Heinemann are certain it will be a success in Bergen as well.

Highlights of the new improvements in the new Duty Free shop at Bergen Airport:

• Designated arrival store for all passengers at Bergen Airport 
• Far wider cosmetic range for women with 76 different brands
• Significantly better wine selection, with 75 additional wines and a total of 430 wines
• 58 types of beer
• More local and ecological products
• Designated area for gifting
• More Norwegian quality products

TRN will invest a total of approximately NOK40 million in duty free and travel value at Bergen Airport in connection with the expansion of the airport.

In addition to the two new shops in the new Terminal 3, TRN and Gebr Heinemann operate a duty Fdee departure shop in Terminal 2.

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