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NEWS Last modified on August 17, 2017

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport unveils new digital displays

Departure Media recently upgraded two large digital advertising displays at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

It claims that the displays offer advertisers a new vibrant, seamless display that catch the eye of visitors as they ride escalators to their destinations.

The Charlotte-based company reveals that using NanoLumens LED displays instead of a traditional video wall allowed it to complete the installations in less than 15 hours, despite only having from 11pm until 4am each night to install the 17ft by 5ft monitors.

Leslie Bensen, president of Departure Media, credits the simpler installation to several design characteristics of NanoLumens products, including the thin, lightweight specifications and the simplicity of programming for a single display versus using videowall software and hardware that adds complexity to the system.

She also believes that the continued development of digital solutions means that they will soon starting to compete with static, printed advertising on curved walls and other spaces in the airport environment.
“One place we’ve never used digital displays is on curved surfaces, as when we have a location such as a column or a curved wall, print advertising has always been an easy, fast solution despite limiting revenues and creative possibilities,” says Bensen.

“However, with new products like the one we used in Cincinatti/Northern Kentucky International Airport that can wrap a column or wall, I could see future projects where we use digital displays instead of static ads. 

“It’s more expensive, of course, but over the life of the product the ability to sell one space to multiple advertisers could result in higher revenue.

"We haven’t had the opportunity to test this theory yet, but it’s an exciting option to have the next time we work with curved surfaces.”

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