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NEWS Last modified on August 28, 2017

Dubai Airports launches initiative to attract more Emirati women to its workforce

Dubai Airports has launched a pioneering new career development programme aimed at attracting more Emirati women to join its workforce in management roles.

It claims that the move reaffirms its commitment to the nation’s female workforce as it wants women to play an important role in the future development of the UAE’s aviation industry.

Called the ‘Aspiring Women’s Programme’, the initiative is aimed at female Emirati managers and designed to develop high-performing Emirati women into the company’s future leaders.

Dubai Airports reveals that the nine-month programme will provide Emirati women with leadership coaching, workplace challenges, workshops and support in helping them build up their network across the organisation and wider airport community.
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It will, it says, ultimately lead to a professional certification recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

According to Dubai Airports, the programme supports the UAE’s national agenda to achieve gender balance in the workplace and become one of the world’s top 25 countries for gender equality.

Today, Dubai Airports employs more than 200 Emirati Women in a wide variety of roles, 32% of which are in leadership positions.

Dubai Airports hopes this figure will rise over the coming years as it encourages more women to advance in the rapidly growing and important aviation sector.
As well as addressing the numbers, Dubai Airports claims that it is working hard in other areas to support and empower Emirati women.

It prioritises UAE nationals in recruitment processes, for example, and is launching a new external career portal in Arabic this month.

The company has also enhanced its family friendly working environment with extended maternity leave and increased nursing hours for women.

In addition, it is also offering exclusive opportunities for UAE nationals to pursue higher education by offering scholarships and study leave.

The aviation sector is expected to support more than 750,000 jobs or just under a third of Dubai's workforce by 2020, according to Oxford Economics.

In the current intake of graduates, 76% of applicants are Emirati women, set to gain experience in various departments including human resources and development, finance, health and safety, and corporate assurance.
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Partnering with two leading universities in the UAE, Higher Colleges of Technology and Zayed University, Dubai Airports’ internship scheme runs over three months, with students gaining university credits as well as valuable industry experience. Students can apply for the internship scheme through the Dubai Airports career portal.

Ann-Marie Campbell, executive vice president of human resources and development at Dubai Airports, said: “We are delighted to launch our Aspiring Women Course, and believe this programme will harness the potential of the many dynamic Emirati women in our organisation.

"The passion and commitment of Emirati women who strive to exceed in their professional lives is truly inspirational and is sure to enhance their professional careers and the future of this great country.”

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